Is CodeHub for you?

Freelance designers, developers, engineers and anyone who makes stuff for the web are welcome.

Please check out our Code of Conduct.

What are we learning at CodeHub?

We will be touching on technologies that we use in our daily work: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Git, Python, APIs, Open Data etc.

As part of our WebDev101 study group, and occasionally as separate events, we have presentations or workshops by CodeHub members . You can read about what we have done so far on our GitHub Pages. Also, check out our GitHub repo for projects we are working on together.

Where and when do we meet?

  • Bristol Hack Night once a fortnight (Monday evenings) at the DevelopMe offices at Paintworks.
  • WebDev101 once a fortnight (Tuesday mornings) at Dom's Coffee House near the Hippodrome.
  • Haskell study group every Tuesday evening - part of the hack night when it's on, otherwise we usually meet at the Bristol Folk House Cafe.
  • We ocasionally do workshops - these happen at varying venues.
You can find more details on our Meetup Page.

Getting in touch

You can email us on, or tweet to @CodeHubBs.  You can also get in touch with Mark or Audrey who currently organise CodeHub. 

These are two more places where you can find us:

  • Our Meetup Group that you can join, and where our meetings will be announced.
  • Our Slack channel for suggestions for talks and topics, posting resources etc.


Supporting us / Sponsoring opportunities

We are a not-for-profit organisation and aim to provide education in web development technologies and programming, free of charge, peer-to-peer, in a social and encouraging environment.

Organisers and tutors give their time and knowledge for free. But we have costs through room hire, materials and travel expenses.

Would you like to support us? If you are a local company, you could provide a venue for one of our evening workshops. Or you could be a regular sponsor and help us cover our costs. In turn you will be seen by hundreds of members or future members who just stop by our site or Meetup page. We will of course also mention you at our events.

Current sponsors:


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