Is CodeHub for you?

Freelance designers, developers, engineers and anyone who makes stuff for the web are welcome.

What are we learning at CodeHub?

We will be touching on technologies that we use in our daily work: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Git, Python, APIs, Open Data etc.

There will be presentations by CodeHub members or invited speakers. The presentations will normally include practical exercises that participants can follow. We might also work together on a project. Documentation of what we learn will be on our GitHub Pages.

Where and when do we meet?

We are normally meeting once a month, and also run hack nights on Tuesday evenings roughly every two weeks.

We also occasionally do evening workshops. Please check our Meetup Page

Getting in touch

We have a Meetup Group that you can join, and where our meetings will be announced.

You can email us on, or tweet to @CodeHubBs.

You can also get in touch with Gicela or Katja who usually organise the meetings.